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Wall-Market real estate

All the business skills available to create your integrated products

The skills of our service providers are multiple, coming from different trades, they will be able to meet your most precise needs whatever your real estate segment. Professional photographers, architects, diagnosticians, UAV pilots, real estate experts...

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Professional photography


Post-production / retouching

Blurring of personal elements

Virtual home-staging

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Virtual tour

3D Scanning

2D Plan

Video Teaser & Highlight Reel


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Quoted plans

Rating Report

Space reorganization

3D view

View with and without furniture

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DPE / Carrez

ERP / Sanitation

Electricity / Gas

Lead / Asbestos

Parasitic state / Termites

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Video and drone

Stabilized video


Post production


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Expertise appointment

State of play


On-site visit

Specific statemen

The new generation of real estate advertising

Virtual tour, pro shooting, 2D / 3D plan, diagnostics

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